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Metallurgical products Sourcing

Metallurgical products Sourcing

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Precautions in the transportation of powder metallurgy ring gear
With the development of the market, the use of powder metallurgy ring gear in the market is getting larger and larger, and it has an increasingly important role in the market. For the powder metallurgy ring gear, it is necessary to pay attention to the transportation. .
1. Pay attention to the packaging
The first thing to pay attention to the transportation of powder metallurgy ring gear is the need on the packaging. This is very important. The necessity on the packaging ensures the stability of the powder metallurgy ring gear during transportation and avoids the powder metallurgy ring gear. There is a possibility of loss during transportation.
2. Pay attention to efficiency
The transportation of powder metallurgy ring gear also needs to pay attention to the need of efficiency, and the efficiency requirement is also very necessary, because in the transportation process of powder metallurgy ring gear, it is also necessary to pay attention to the efficiency guarantee, in terms of efficiency. The need to ensure the stability of the powder metallurgy ring gear in use.
3. Pay attention to waterproof

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The final need to pay attention to the transportation of powder metallurgy ring gear is the need for waterproofing. The requirements for waterproofing are also very necessary. In the process of transportation, it is necessary to pay attention to this, to ensure that the safety needs are met in waterproofing, and the powder is guaranteed. The stability of the metallurgical ring gear during transportation.

In summary, the transportation of powder metallurgy ring gear needs to pay attention to these, to ensure the excellent effect of the powder metallurgy ring gear in the effect, to meet the needs in use.

China Sourcing agent for Metallurgical products

Fire protection inside and outside plastic coated steel pipe procurement needs to pay attention to
Fire-fighting plastic-coated steel pipe is a plastic coated composite pipe with a large demand today. It is a nationally designated fire-fighting pipe and an environmentally-friendly green pipe with comprehensive cost-effectiveness*. It is widely used in the field of fire sprinkler water supply. The following is a detailed processing project for the pipe. The fire-fighting plastic pipe processing technology is divided into four types: hot dip molding, high pressure static spraying, rotomolding, and plastic molding. Moreover, the process of processing is different for different connection methods. The raw materials required for this product are plastic powder and steel pipe. When choosing a pipe, we definitely want to buy a product that is cost-effective and works like *, but not every product on the market can meet our needs, so it is completely time to choose. You can look for a piece of material and buy it for a long time or on a regular basis. For the builders and construction teams in need, the plastic-lined plastic pipe fittings are * materials.
Before installing the fire protection pipeline, you must choose what kind of pipeline to install, and study what kind of pipeline is suitable. A good fire protection system not only relies on good pipelines, but also other components, fire hydrants and other products that meet the standards. This can greatly extend the service life of the fire protection system. Users can choose according to their own conditions. The sealing of each part is better. Purchasing these products and installing the pipes not only shortens the installation time of the fire protection system, but also saves the human body. The fire-fighting plastic pipe fitting has the advantages of smooth inner wall, small friction resistance and no scaling, and the outer wall is more beautiful and luxurious. The inner layer of fire-fighting plastic pipe fittings should be protected from pollution, and the measures need to be improved. The following is a detailed practice: the general fire-fighting plastic pipe fittings use the traditional pipe fitting method, and the joint thread will rust and will still cause secondary pollution. The inner rib embedded plastic-lined steel pipe is connected by quick-connecting joints, and all the inner parts of the pipe joints are treated with lining plastic. When the pipe joint is connected, the pipe system does not have any metal material part to touch the fluid to be transported, so it can be useful to avoid water quality. Secondary pollution. During preheating spraying of fire-fighting plastic pipe fittings, the preheating temperature is controlled at 150 ° C, and it can be painted after half an hour. Spraying or dip coating can be used for painting. The coating is applied to the outer surface of the steel tube by high-pressure electrostatic spraying. The dip is directly immersed in the well filled with epoxy resin powder. The specification refers to the GB/T5130.20-specification. Spraying is to apply high-frequency anti-corrosion plastic powder to the outer surface of the steel pipe through high-pressure electrostatic discharge, while dip-coating is to directly put the steel pipe into the plastic powder well of the polymer. The purpose of these two processing technologies is the same, which makes the plastic powder at high temperature. The lower part is welded to the outer surface of the steel pipe and then constitutes a composite pipe body.Chinese Sourcing agent for Metallurgical products

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With more and more products, the products are now also of size, just like the seamless steel pipes that are more common in our lives. In fact, there are only one type of seamless steel pipe, there are people who have cold rolling and hot rolling, and there are also thick-walled large-diameter and thin-walled small-diameter seamless steel pipes. In fact, simply speaking, the pipe of the steel pipe is big and small. . In fact, most of the things we see in our lives are small-diameter seamless steel pipes, like all kinds of activity equipment and bicycle steel frames, etc., which are made of small-diameter seamless steel pipes, so thick and thick. The caliber seamless steel pipe is actually hidden around us. Large-diameter thick-walled seamless steel pipes are formed by hot rolling, and thick-walled large-diameter seamless steel pipes also occupy an important position on steel pipes. Not only thick-walled large-diameter seamless steel pipes can be used on the construction site, but also thick-walled large-diameter seamless steel pipes are used in some ships and boilers. Perhaps for those who don't know about steel pipes, they may never have thought that the use of steel pipes is so wide, and even around us, many people may think that steel pipes are relatively slender. However, there are still large-diameter steel pipes, and these large-diameter thick-walled steel pipes are supporting our work and life in a tangible and invisible way. If there is no such thick-walled large-diameter seamless steel pipe, then what should be replaced by the transport object, what support should the car rely on, what should be stabilized by the building, what should be used for oil exploration, and these are all thick Wall large diameter seamless steel pipe to complete. Therefore, in our lives, there is not only the slender steel pipe, but also the thick-walled large-diameter seamless steel pipe that we cannot see.
It solves the problem of rust and scaling of common fire water supply steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe buried and water, and does not block the pipe and block the sprinkler. The protective layer does not fall off, bulge, soften, foam, crack, peel The phenomenon of lowering the adhesion improves the service life of the fire water supply pipeline. At the same time, the inner and outer plastic coated steel pipes have excellent chemical corrosion resistance, water resistance and resistance to solubility, protein, high-multiple foam fire extinguishing agent corrosion, and solve the problem of loss. Corrosion of metal pipes by water, buried land and acid and alkali salts; because the heavy-duty modified epoxy resin used is a thermosetting plastic and a flame retardant is added, the coating has good temperature resistance. It can be used at 30 degrees - 90 degrees for a long time, and it does not burn, soften, and has high strength. The life of plastic coated steel pipe is 50 years. It has been used for more than 10 years, although it is slightly more than one-time galvanized steel pipe. High, but the use of plastic steel inside and outside the fire-fighting steel pipe reduces maintenance costs, eliminating the need to replace the pipe, from the operation, management and service life is far more economical than galvanized steel pipe.
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 Sourcing origin ltd is a professional foreign trade enterprise officially approved and registered by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People's Republic of China. The company focuses on providing complete supply Chain services of processing with supplied samples, procurement, production sourcing and processing, quality Inspection, international logistics, customs clearance, warehousing, for the clients abroad , meanwhile providing services of marketing , channel sales and distribution of oversea products in Chinese market. We aim to become the office of your overseas company, organize our professional team to serve customers, and select high-quality production enterprises according to the specific requirements of customers, providing customers with professional, high-quality services. If you are trying to start trading with Chinese company, we can meet your needs as a Chinese sourcing partner. Relying ong advanced enterprise management philosophy and professional service attitude, we strives to provide high quality and efficient service for every foreign customer.

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